Thursday, 2 July 2015

- Writing by Chloe - HOME

Home: Gloria the Goose
One day Gloria the Goose was traveling swiftly down the stream and looking for a new home as her old one had been taken over by frogs. This time she really wanted to get her fishes worth (fish is money). She came across a duck and asked him for advice on where to find a nice home, he thought for a moment and replied "Yes actually in fact I do, just straight up ahead you will come across a waterfall, there are a few for sale down there". "Thanks" Gloria said as she started paddling her way down the stream again.
On her way down there she seemed to get lost even though the duck said there would be a waterfall. But it was too late to keep going as the sun had disappeared, she ended up sleeping in the bushes.
The next morning Gloria got up and down the stream she went for day two of home hunting. As she got to the place where the duck said the waterfall would be she got to a dead end with nothing but a patch of grass and a pile of sticks. Gloria soon then realised that she had been tricked by the duck and when she thought back to when he told her about the houses/homes down by the waterfall, he did have a little bit of a pause before he replied.
At this point Gloria was very confused, hurt and worried about the whole situation and said to herself "I guess it’s back to the lonely bushes tonight". As she was swimming back to her 'temporary home' she came across the duck again and he asked "So how did the home hunting go?" Gloria just kept paddling down the stream.
This particular morning Gloria felt like this is where she belonged, even like home and that was a good thing. She tried one more time to look for a new home but nothing really clicked or suited her and was also way too expensive. This time she really wasn't bothered about this because Gloria had realised that the bush felt like home more than anything else.

What Gloria realised is that home is where you feel comfortable, safe and where you return by instinct. Home can have lots of different meanings depending on who you are and what you think home is.    

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