Thursday, 2 July 2015

Home - By Yashvi

The end of school bell rang as I was thinking about my new stepmother and Russia. I’m going to miss my friends, my home and most of all my mother my real mother .it’s a pain when your parents get separated and you get juggled between two parents that love you equally, but I know it’s going to change forever .I stepped out of class saying bye to it silently in my mind and remembering my memories I have had in it.
I made my way to my locker trying to stop my tears.I open the door of the locker and see myself in the mirror in my locker. The same old Sara brown freckles randomly placed pink glasses, long brown hair and a small pointed nose. I got all my stuff from my locker and made my way out.
I feel as if I’m in one of those really sad movies that my brother watches. ’Sara I’m going to miss you’’ said Jenny then she went back to stapling the picture from our play to the wall. Jenny is my friend she is short, smart and she’s a goody toe shoes the teachers like her a lot. She has been my best friend since kindergarten. I’m going to miss her but only for a few months though because she is moving to Russia as well and co-incidently she is going to the same school as me.
I saw my dad waving to me as he parked the car in the five-minute parking zone. I walked to the car and sat down thinking it was all a bad dream, I felt as if I were to explode with tears. Hats when my dad gives me the news, he had postponed the whole going to Russia thing instead we were going on a family cruise tomorrow, with my mum a double plus but she’s coming with her own little family (husband Ray 3 year old son, Jake and 13 year old, stepdaughter Alice also the same age as me ) , my step mum a minus because e my dad forgets about me when he is with her but anyway she is pretty nice for a step mother not like Cinderella’s and my step sister angelica who is the same age as me(13) and I do get along with her pretty well which is a plus but her two older brothers (twins) which are very horrible people they are like their father as I have been told their father was a horrible person.
When I got home I was sent to my room and pack my bag for the cruise. I packed some of my summer clothes, togs, sun cream, sun glasses and my swimming goggles.
I got into the car.I looked out the window I knew that this was my last glance at my home my sweet home .that’s when it hit me I needed to get my step mother to cancel the plan about going to Russia. I belong here

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